20, MD.
I obviously love John Green.
I also love: giraffes, zombies, music, horror movies, vodka, my family, summertime, dinosaurs, and naps.

Very Good Things

  • sunshine
  • sunshine
  • sunshine
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Very Good Things

  • my family
  • my pets
  • my wonderful friends whom I cannot wait to be reunited with!
  • hot cocoa
  • related - living above a starbucks 
  • impromptu 12:30 AM dance parties in the snow
  • having my apartment all to myself until friday (mwahahaha)
  • mac and cheese with nutmeg
  • endless SVU marathons 
  • hot showers
  • I’m getting a new roommate this semester!
  • fluffy winter hats
  • Mary, always
  • SNOW
  • taking more sced classes
  • almond-scented lotion
  • granola with milk and honey
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Very Good Things

  • my family
  • my wonderful, patient friends who love me for some reason
  • my favorite month of the year is over, but November is full of good things this year, like: punkin chunkin (which I went to yesterday), I Heart Salisbury (which is a big community service event on campus), my formal, Thanksgiving break (which is only good because I get to go home for five days), and no shave November (hello cute bearded boys).
  • stuffed french toast. it’s the bomb. seriously. google it or ask me if you want a recipe!
  • old, clean sheets
  • red honeysuckle nectar glade spray (here)
  • pinterest
  • books
  • only 6 more weeks of school!
  • making plans to move out with friends next year
  • sourdough bread
  • the endless reruns of Hocus Pocus that were on last month
  • wristbands
  • bonfired
  • spiked apple cider (quick recipe: 4 parts cider to one part caramel vodka, sprinkle in cinnamon to taste).
  • buffalo chicken wraps
  • naps with friends
  • kettle popcorn
  • getting organized with my life

how’s everyone else been?

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Very Good Things: Mint Tea

I’ve mentioned mint tea a couple of times on my Very Good Things lists and I cannot emphasize how much I love it. 

I’m sure this would taste a lot better with fresh mint, but I use Bigelow plantation mint tea bags because they’re my favorite, and it’s about $2.50 at Walmart for 20 bags, which is pretty awesome for my budget (which is next to nothing because fuck college tuition). 

I seriously can’t tell you how awesome this stuff is. I drink it hot at nighttime or when I’m not feeling well, but most of the time I make iced tea. I make them by the cup - I use empty vitamin water bottles or my tumbler (which is this one from Target, btw). I put the tea bag (or two depending on my mood) in the tumbler, fill it with hot water, and let it steep for a couple of hours. Once it’s room temperature I stick it in the fridge overnight so it’s ready for class the next morning. It’s definitely better for summer and hotter weather, but I drink this stuff year-round. It’s also great for the morning after a night out because it’s great for stomachaches (spearmint is known for this! It’s legit!) and tastes delicious.

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Very Good Things: October

October is my FAVORITE month out of the entire year. And here are all the reasons why:

  • PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. living five floors above a Starbucks is dangerous this time of year. and by dangerous I mean dangerous to my bank account.
  • the bonfire/leafy smell
  • Two of my close friends (who are definitely Very Good Things) turn 21 this month! I am so excited to post what I got for the first birthday, I think it’s cute (:
  • two words: sweater. weather.
  • candy
  • the seasonal fragrances from bath and body works. My personal favorites: Leaves, Farmstand Apple, Sweater Weather (duh), Pumpkin Caramel Latte, and Flannel (which smells like a boy. like a bearded, tattooed boy. okay sorry I’m done)
  • HALLOWEEN! which takes place on a Thursday this year (aka Thirsty Thursday) and I am so pumped. It’s my favorite holiday ever. 
  • I can wear the scarves my mom bought me over the summer in France!
  • it’s movie marathon with popcorn and hot cocoa weather
  • it’s not cold enough to snow, but just warm enough to still wear skirts and sweaters

there are so many more but I could go on forever. GUYS IT’S OCTOBER HOORAY!

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Very Good Things

I’ve been super stressed out lately, so here are my Very Good Things! (and here are all my previous lists)

  • my friends, family and roommates
  • Mary of course gets her own bullet on the list.
  • gray nail polish
  • I got to see my mom last week for the first time since school started (:
  • mozerella grilled cheese on sourdough bread. I ate like three of these last week. They are so easy.
  • It’s OCTOBER!!! (I’m going to do a seperate VGT for October because it is my favorite month)
  • school is going pretty well
  • pasta salad (I’m also going to do a VGT for food because I’ve been discovering some new, delicious things)
  • vneck shirts
  • boys with beards. 
  • this song, this one and this video.
  • I’ve also been really into Fall Out Boy lately, specifically: The Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Hum Hallelujah, Pretty in Punk and the entire Save Rock and Roll album.
  • dragon fruit vitamin water
  • my comforter, which is this () from Ikea and this () cover. 
  • I finally got my Netflix working
  • pink lemonade vodka
  • sunglasses
  • chevron everything

How are you all doing?

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Very Good Things

I’ve been slacking on these, because I’ve been in a funk lately for a lot of reasons. Time to snap the hell out of it.

  • my family
  • in particular, my dog, because she is literally the most lovable, hug-able, friendly dog ever and is perfect for petting when you’re stressed, and for keeping your feet warm.
  • iced mint tea
  • antibiotics
  • Lake Placid (the movie)
  • chicken and green pepper quesadillas
  • one month until I go back to school! which is totally bittersweet, but I’m so excited about next semester.
  • this concealer by MAC
  • cranberry red bull (cue the lecture on how terrible redbull is)
  • I’m getting wastey pants tomorrow. well, probably not, but I’m drinking at least.
  • even with all the time I had to call out of work (bronchitis + upper respiratory infection), my paycheck was still pretty decent.
  • this song by System of a Down
  • my (mostly) amazing coworkers. I’m actually going to miss them. weird. 
  • sharp cheddar cheese
  • "the people who stick with you are the ones that matter. that’s all there is."
  • all my SU loves, who I mostly snapchat and group text 
  • except for Mary because I probably couldn’t go for 12 hours without texting her. hashtag sorry not sorry.
  • birchbox! you pay $10 a month and the company sends you a box full of high-end samples (mostly beauty and cosmetics). I love it. I’m obsessed. ugh.
  • this conversation: “why are you looking at the vitamins? what do you think witch hazel is?” “I don’t know, like a magic twig or some shit?!” 
  • a woman came into my work the other day with the most adorable little two year old, and was telling us that her daughter loved boxes more than any real toy. so we gave her one of our giant shipping boxes to take home and play in (sounds dumb I know, but work has been rough lately so I needed this).
  • all the asks I’ve been getting about Salisbury and college! I love answering all your questions and talking to you guys (:

how’s everybody else been lately?

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Very Good Things

this is going to be a long one.

  • I got to see Mary on tuesday, and it was wonderful.
  • we also went to see my roommate Carley at her work!
  • my ears are finally healing
  • my family
  • all the friends I haven’t seen in weeks. I MISS YOU GUYS.
  • island margarita scented anything
  • I got a random check in the mail for 40$! hello, piercing money.
  • bands I haven’t listened to since high school, including: System of a Down, The Alkaline Trio, and Bright Eyes. 
  • this song, and Mumford & Sons in general.
  • I work with some extremely attractive people. yeah.
  • my dad and I are home alone this week while my mom and sister are in France, so we’ve been bumming, playing Black Ops and watching The Avengers.
  • also, this song
  • having three days off this week
  • fresh pineapple
  • shirts that fit really well
  • all the thunder storms we’ve been having around here lately
  • my future roommates because let’s face it, they are WONDERFUL. I’m so excited for next semester. every weekend is going to be margaritas and cupcakes. 
  • finding 50 extra bobby pins in my closet
  • fast drying nail polish
  • going to do some work on my scrap book this week
  • vodka. always, vodka.
  • tulips because I am a sucker.

how is everybody doing?

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Very Good Things

I need to make myself do this right now.

  • my family
  • my friends
  • my SU loves - all of whom I have not seen in weeks (I miss you guys!)
  • sourdough bread
  • thunderstorms
  • soft hoodies
  • the blazer I found for 20$
  • my old roommate sent me all of her old tapers and plugs in the mail!
  • starting to slowly piece together my college scrapbook
  • frogs
  • lace-up boots
  • new socks
  • pretzels
  • I got out of work at 8:40 instead of 11 because truck was done early…because my coworkers are beasts.
  • found an awesome new skin scrub
  • air conditioning
  • flannel everything
  • tomorrow (technically today) is my day off, and I have all of next weekend off too. thank. god.
  • finally figuring out my next body mod(s)
  • snapchat, surprisingly.
  • SVU reruns
  • and finally, most importantly maybe, this: finally realizing that some people are not worth it, no matter how much you want them to be. and that some people really, really are.

how’s everyone else doing?

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Very Good Things

  • my family
  • my friends - especially the ones I haven’t seen in a few weeks
  • the great weather lately
  • binder clips. trust me.
  • finally having a job and knowing that I’m working towards a good paycheck
  • rose wine
  • cooking shows
  • panera mac and cheese
  • my friend’s baby toddler turned THREE YEAR OLD last week
  • crushed ice
  • honeysuckle
  • possible camping trip with my friends this summer!
  • tattoooooooossssss
  • short nails
  • duct tape
  • the new fall out boy songs, I think.
11 months ago on May 22nd, 2013 |1 note

Very Good Things

I’m having a rough week. 

  • my family and friends
  • having a pretty decent job lined up for the summer
  • dresses
  • IFC
  • vodka
  • scary movies
  • taking naps during thunderstorms
  • I already know my roommates for next semester and they’re awesome. I’m so excited. 
  • sunshine
  • aviators
  • iced mint tea (which I need to start making by the gallon)
  • I only have two sit down finals because one in take home and one is online. which means that I get to leave a lot earlier than I thought.
  • music, specifically: Bulletproof Love by Pierce the Veil (x), Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert (x), The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy (x), Angel by Gothminister (x)
  • FINALLY feeling better thanks to some heavy duty meds. 
  • corgis 
  • mac and cheese
  • knowing what’s good for me and what (and who) isn’t.
  • there are tulips EVERYWHERE!

How are you guys doing?

11 months ago on April 30th, 2013 |1 note

Very Good Things

  • my family and friends
  • I volunteered at a block party for Habitat for Humanity and it was a really great, eye-opening experience. plus I got to paint little kids’ faces.
  • I only have one observation left for the semester
  • air conditioning
  • string lights
  • trying to slowly eliminate the bad things/people in my life
  • sunglasses
  • pumpkin seeds
  • my monstrosity of a hamster
  • I get to see my family on the 26th
  • there are only like 30 days left in the semester (translation: THANK JESUS I ONLY HAVE A MONTH LEFT)
  • I have a definite job lined up for the summer
  • I’m working on being the bigger person 
  • converse
  • blue nail polish
  • just started following like ten awesome blogs 
  • Eucerin lotion
  • I got an A on a presentation that I didn’t give (that’s kind of good, right?)
  • chapstick

I hope you guys are doing okay.

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Very Good Things

I really, really need to do this today.

  • my family
  • my friends
  • buffalo mac and cheese
  • dogs
  • boot socks
  • metal
  • I’m going home tomorrow for 3 days
  •  my dinosaur silly band
  • old songs 
  • pinterest
  • i’m getting drunk this weekend
  • cabin in the woods
  • countdowns
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Very Good Things

  • my family and friends
  • 11 days until spring break!
  • I finally watched Lord of the Rings. don’t judge me.
  • peaches
  • blue nail polish 
  • air conditioning
  • my weekend was pretty great :)
  • I finally got my copy of TFIOS at school!
  • my observation work didn’t suck nearly as much as I thought it would
  • sweaters
  • fuzzy socks
  • I’m going to a community service run on sunday
  • lemon yogurt
  • endless episodes of SVU
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Very Good Things

I need to remind myself that shit doesn’t suck as much as I think it does. So, here we go:

  • my family, who sent me a really awesome flower arrangement for valentine’s day, more contact lenses, and another package that’s coming tomorrow
  • minty facial wash
  • seeing everybody being all cute today!
  • my wonderful friends/roommates/neighbors
  • the sleep I got after sitting in a hospital for 7 hours. Best sleep I’ve had in probably a month.
  • glittery nail polish
  • finally having a table for beer pong!
  • cranberry juice
  • this song for when I’m in a really great mood
  • and this song for when I’m not (and no, it’s not better than the original, shut up)
  • my friend is coming to visit in about two weeks :)
  • the clip on fan I have in my room
  • tacos
  • good books
  • my tattoo is almost completely healed
  • breaking out my beat up old yellow converse and having them fit my feet perfectly

How are you all doing?

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