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Oops, I’m doing it again.

Every once in a while a post will pop up on my dash of someone who claims that the ‘abortion situation’ in America is akin to the Holocaust, and I agree.

It is not like the Holocaust in the way that the pro-lifers who pulled this shock comparison out of their asses are trying to say it is. These people claim that, like during the Holocaust, millions of people (for pro-life’s sake, babies) have been killed by abortion. This is such a heinous, ridiculous assertion that I refuse to take it seriously anymore, but I can’t just call it heinous and ridiculous and not back myself up, so here we go:

  1. Abortion does not involve babies. It does not involve human beings. It does not involve living creatures. I don’t know how many times I can reword that in an attempt to make it clear so I’m going to repeat myself: Abortion does not involve babies. Abortion entails the removal of a group of unwanted living cells from a woman’s body. And before anyone jumps on the ‘living’ part of that sentence, let me make something clear: the majority of your body (save for hair, cartilage, nails, some skin, etc) is made of living cells. So yes, a human fetus (which is only considered a fetus after around the 9th week of pregnancy) is a group of living cells. So when a woman opts to have an abortion, yes, she is removing and therefor killing living cells. However: if you had a hand that was infected with gangrene, or a foot that had to be amputated due to diabetes, you would be killing living cells. Think about that. 
  2. The Holocaust was a genocide that truly began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany (you would think that people who claim to be ‘educated’, and use their ‘education’ as a means to justify their pro-life opinions would know this, but apparently not. So here’s a little history lesson). During the Holocaust, an estimated 6 million European Jews were exterminated, as were an addition 5-11 million other people of various groups. That’s anywhere from 11 to 17 million men, women and children in total. Before they were exterminated, they were forced to watch their books and places of worship burn to the ground. They were forced to live for months in over-crowded ghettos where many perished from cold, sickness or starvation. In the infamous concentration camps, they were forced to live off of as little as 200 calories a day. They were beaten, experimented on and shot at the Nazi’s leisure. They were forced to watch their loved ones perish in the gas chambers and crematories, and later, they were forced to move the bodies. They were forced to march in the snow without shoes, only to be shot when they reached their destination. Their humanity, their dignity, and their faith were broken by their own country.
  3. To compare the sufferings of these living, breathing people who were systematically broken and murdered to the removal of cells is heinous. Using this comparison does not show your compassion for human life – it shows your blatant disrespect for the suffering of millions of innocent people.

Now, when I say that the abortion argument today is like the Holocaust, I do not compare the victims - and there are victims in abortion cases, just not the removed blob of cells. I compare the perpetrators.
Never, since the Holocaust, has there been such an influx of propaganda and de-humanizing laws meant to strip away the rights of a certain group (see 
here and here, and this is a whole updated list of them). Propaganda and media attention were large factors in Hitler’s rise to power; he said something, and somebody liked what he said and told their friend, and soon a group of people are saying it, then the newspapers said it, then someone made a comic about it, then somebody else made a movie about it, and soon enough there were hundreds of posters of greedy-looking, big-nosed caricatures posted on abandoned Jewish shops, and the German news was reporting scientific evidence of the Jews’ relation to the suffering economy and how all the problems would be solved if they were all gone. And the news and Hitler had an army to back this up.

If you’re still not getting it, here’s something to consider:
Hitler and his followers used fear (x, violence (x x), false information (x) and social ostracism (x) to influence the public and shame Jews of their religious rights and choices.

Pro-lifers (not all of them, but usually the extremists, and usually the ones who use this comparison) use fear (x), violence (x x), false information (x) and social ostracism (x) to make women feel ashamed of their bodily rights and choices.

That’s right. I just compared you pro-life extremists to Nazis. That just happened. 

So I’m going to end my rant now and let you all think about that, alright?